Adam’s Blog – Month Two

Adam gives us an insight into his second month as a Hellmann Apprentice… 

Adam.jpg“Two months in and the days are very busy, there’s always plenty of work to be done so you never lose track of what you’re doing.

Every day I’m learning new things and if I’m ever stuck there’s always someone there to answer any queries I may have.

The highlight of my working week is overcoming more difficult jobs where it is harder to get in contact with the shipper.

 I want to progress in my role, however,  I also want to expand my knowledge within other departments so I understand what other people do so if there is a query from customers. I either know how to deal with the situation or guide them to the correct person to speak to.

The most interesting thing about my role is that when you start every day, you never know what may happen with a collection or delivery.