Grace’s Blog – Month Two

graceGrace provides us with an insight into her second month as a Hellmann Apprentice…

“My second month in Hellmann has been a lot better. I have a lot more freedom and responsibilities now within the role that I have. Having been here two months now already I have learnt so much more and I am enjoying it more and more. So far so good!


I feel like I have settled in really well to my role. I am a lot more confident in doing things on my own now and feel better when I don’t have to keep asking questions all the time. I feel like the others have noticed me settling in more and being more comfortable as I have been given different jobs to do.


The highlight of my working week is just getting on with all the jobs that are given to me that I know what to do on 100%! I love having a laugh with my team as well as it’s not all serious at the desk.


My aspiration for my first year at Hellmann is to successfully pass my Apprenticeship or be close to doing it. For my teams and boss to see me progress and for myself to get a full-time job here at Hellmann as I do really enjoy it! Another aspiration is to have my own customer that I can look after now I have the practice too!


Interesting things that have happened this month would have to be when we got two whole bags full of chocolate from a customer because we made them happy, also speaking to people in Germany and Belgium. Every day is interesting because it’s always different somehow.

Grace Aston