Chloe’s Blog – Month Two

Chloe provides us with an insight into her second month as a Hellmann Apprentice…


My second month at Hellmann is going better than month one as I have been given a new job role and I am learning a lot more skills. I have now been given different tasks to do daily. This is an advantage for me as at the end of the course I can decide which role I prefer and my manager can then say which one she thinks would suit me best.

I am settling into this role better as I know I am staying here for longer and I am learning a lot more skills and daily tasks that keep expanding every day. I am getting to know the job role a lot better than I did when I first originally started the job.

The highlight of my working week is that every day I learn new skills. This helps me expand my knowledge and will then help me within the course of my apprenticeship getting the best outcome that I can.

For the first year at Hellmann, I hope to know all the different job roles within the department that I am working in and to have almost finished my apprenticeship course to the highest standard.

Some interesting things have happened this month, including a training course on how to ship pharmaceutical good. I learnt about the different ways that they can be transported, how they have transported and the different packaging that is needed for different goods to make sure they maintain their standard through transit and can, therefore, be used when they get to the destination. If they are not shipped to the correct specification, what the consequences are.